This page consists of testimonials and news articles which affirm Reverend Dianne Kraus's attentiveness, warmth and integrity.
• The Queens Gazette, "Rev. Dianne Kraus: Stresses Soul; Seeks To Heal Separateness"
• The Queens Courier, "From THE PULPIT: Honoring Queens' Women of Distinction"
• Times/Ledger, "Flushing minister for hire has the rite stuff"
• The Queens Courier, "Rev. D. Kraus"
• Wedding Guide, "Couple's Choice: A Look at Unique Ways Couples Have Tied the Knots"
• The Queens Courier, "Minister Vows To Make Wedding Special"
Rev. Kraus, Thank you for performing our commitment ceremony. It meant the world to us. You are a definite blessing in disguise. Pat and Amy
Dianne, we are so happy together and you made our day so special. Let's always be in touch. Love, Maritza and Julia
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